What are the benefits?

Laser hair removal is time conscious, financially comparable, and low maintenance.

Time Conscious

Based on an average shave time of 20 minutes weekly, an individual who shaves would spend over 3 years of their life span shaving! Laser hair removal can give you some of that time back to do the things you love. 

Laser hair removal works quickly, and you may even see results after just one session! However, remember that the average person requires multiple sessions to lessen hair growth or stop completely. The exact time will vary depending on each individual’s body and the area with hair being removed. Contact our team at Confidence Med Spa for timing estimates. 

Financially Comparable 

Research shows that Americans spend over $10 thousand dollars on shaving products in their lifetime, and this doesn’t even include waxing! Investing in laser hair removal will help you cut down on future hair removal costs while providing you with silky smooth skin. 

Low Maintenance

Shaving can cause stress for individuals with limited time. An investment in laser hair removal can allow you the opportunity to breathe easier by taking shaving or waxing concerns off your mind. 

How to prepare

While you should always follow the advice offered by your aesthetician, here are a few things to keep in mind leading up to your appointment. 

Refrain From Tweezing and Waxing.

Tweezing and waxing routines remove hair by the root, precisely what the laser device targets during removal treatments. Accordingly, you should stop using these hair removal methods four weeks to six weeks before your appointment. Clients will shave the day of their appointment. Shaving is acceptable and even encouraged by your cosmetic therapist following treatment until you’re seen again, 4-8 weeks later. 

Adjust Your Skin Care Regimen

Skin care products that contain alpha-hydroxy acid and retinol make the treatment area more sensitive than usual. Since they increase the risk of irritation, depending on the strength of the products, you’ll need to avoid using those products up to a week before and the day of the appointment. You will also keep the treatment area free of other lotions, creams, and makeup the day of treatment, as they can interfere with the removal process. Immediately before the appointment, clean your skin with a mild cleanser and dry thoroughly. 

Avoid Sun Exposure & Sunless Tanning Products

Abstaining from tanning and sun exposure for 5 days prior to your appointment, will greatly lower the risk of discoloration in the treatment area. Along with avoiding sun exposure, you need to refrain from using sunless tanning products that darken your skin. Your skin needs to be free of artificial tanning agents to achieve the best results! 

Contact Confidence Med-Spa in Lakewood, OH to schedule a laser hair removal consultation. The staff consists of fully licensed aestheticians, cosmetologists, and medical professionals for your complete satisfaction. Confidence Med-Spa ensures clients have the information they need going into their appointments. They also provide a wide range of additional services, including anti-aging treatments and permanent cosmetics. Visit our laser hair removal page to learn more about how we can help, or call (216) 633-8280 to schedule an appointment. 

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